24 Hour Comics Day 2009 Poster

Danno Klonowski, organizer of the Minneapolis/St. Paul Cartoonist Conspiracy’s 24 Hour Comic Day, asked me to do the poster for this year’s local event. He’s yet to give me the thumbs up on it, as I just sent it to him, but I wanted to post it now, since I’d probably forget later. This is obviously a homage to Jim Steranko’s awesome Nick Fury Agent of Shield #4 cover from the late 60s. Take a peek here.

UPDATE: 24 Hour Comics Day Info

October 3rd - 4th; 10 AM - 10 AM. Go here to sign up: Cartoonist Conspiracy dot com.


  1. staplegenius

    BAH! I’ve just broken my thumbs as they hit the ceiling!

  2. Loops

    That rules so much!

  3. Kriske


    Can’t wait mate.

    Good to see you the other night.

  4. Jessaroo

    You have to buy me a new pair of pants now, as I have just crapped in mine. The “gun” in the corner is the shizznatzz.

  5. Daniel Olson

    Danno - Those medical bills are just going to keep piling up, so watch it with those thumbs.

    Lupi - Thanks!

    Kriske - Thanks and good to see you too!

    Jesse - Instead of pants, how about a shirt? Bud suggested that I make a t-shirt and Danno suggested that we do it in the style of last year’s 24HCD shirts. If you aren’t familiar with last years shirt scenario, you buy the shirt and we do an iron on.

    Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able to do it at the actual 24HCD, but I could collect shirts at the jam and bring them back for 24HCD. I’ll post more about that later.

  6. Earl

    This gets me pumped for the event right now!

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