Capriciously in Washington

I finished my fifth 24 Hour Comic of the Bret Blackberg 50 State Tour on Sunday, April 17th around 2 AM. This whole comics stems from a challenge issued by Danno Klonowski. I started yestserday out at Diamonds Coffee Shoppe with fellow cartoonists Kevin Cannon , Britt Hammerberg, Ryan Dow, Lupi Miguniti, and the aforementioned Danno Klonowski. Also, Ted Anderson made an appearance, but I was too far into “the zone” to talk to him. Sorry buddy!

There was plenty of tweeting on the event, mostly by myself. If you’re curious you can search on Twitter for the hashtag #24×50.

It may be smart to catch up on the story, if you aren’t already familiar. Especially, since there are callbacks from the previous books. Here are the other four chapters:

Somewhere in Montana

Meanwhile in Wyoming

Elsewhere in Utah

Subsequently in Idaho

Then click on the graphic below to read Capriciously in Washington.

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  1. danno

    Well done sir! Way to tie up the last couple chapters there!

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