24 Hour Comic Day is a Coming!

Next week is 24 Hour Comic Day. I will once again be participating at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts on October 2nd and 3rd from 10 AM until 10 AM. The event is being put on by the International Cartoonist Conspiracy and sponsored by other esteemed establishments. Check out all of the deets at the official Minneapolis 24 Hour Comic Day blog.

This year I will once again be following the same geographical theme and cast of characters as I have since 2008. I know that it is against the “McCloudian rules” of the 24 Hour Comic Challenge, but I do not really care. It’s so extremely hard to come in with a blank slate. I mean, you already know that you are going to be doing a comic, so what’s the big deal, right?

Anyway, I was so excited that I threw together a quick sketch and “advertisement” of Bret Blackberg’s next adventure, “Elsewhere in Utah.” Hopefully it is as well received as the last two installments Somewhere in Montana and Meanwhile in Wyoming.

See ya there!

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  1. staplegenius

    I don’t McCloud has done a 24 Hour comic in like 19 years, so nuts to his rules!

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