Muscles and Frights review at Ain’t It Cool News and Breeni Books

I generally don’t post twice on Thursdays, mostly so people can have a day or two to find the newest installment to the bewilderedkidiverse. However, today I make an exception. It was brought to my attention by friend and collaborator Ben Z that our entry into the Muscles and Frights anthology was reviewed at Ain’t It Cool News! Hooray!

Here is the excerpt: “The book gets off to a fun start with “Muscles And…” by Ben Z and Daniel J. Olson, in which a trio of trick-or-treaters are ambushed by a muscle-bound leftover from the last volume. Definitely leaning more towards the “Muscle” side of the remit, this was a quick and amusing read with the big panels leaving plenty of room for Olson’s bold cartooning.”

Wow. Bold. I don’t really know what that even means. I can assume it’s a compliment. By the way, Ben Z did the layouts and wrote this comic, with the exception of part of page three. If it weren’t for his vision and pacing, we wouldn’t have received this review.

Muscles and Frights was also plugged at Breeni Books. No review this time, but the awesome press release that friend and Muscles and Fights/Frights guru Bud Burgy put together can be viewed.

You can buy either the PDF file or the book for your own personal library at Lulu dot com.


  1. ben z

    If it weren’t for his vision and pacing, we wouldn’t have received this review.>>

    If it weren’t for you actually drawing the thing and submitting it by the deadline, we wouldn’t have received the review either

  2. Jenny Bunny Bunns


  3. bewilderedkid

    Ben - I guess you have a point there too. So, 50/50 then?

    Jenny - Thanks! I loved your story! The change of gradient throughout the story as well as the switching in art styles was something I really enjoyed.

  4. b


  5. Ryan Dow

    I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this book.

  6. bewilderedkid

    No doube! Me too!

  7. bewilderedkid

    I meant doubt. What the hell is a doube?

  8. ben

    A cigarette with marijuana in it.

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