24 Hour Comic Day Results!

Hey all! I’m back from the dead! Well, sleep at least. For those unaware, 24 Hour Comic Day was this weekend, and I somewhat completed it. Here is how it all broke down…

Wasn’t able to sleep on Friday. I think I got somewhere between 4 to 5 hours. Absolutely horrible, especially since I wanted to be fresh for the day. When I arrived I was promptly told by Zander Cannon that I looked like hell….thanks Zander! At any rate, around 12 AM I started feeling awful. I totally hit a wall and was about a page behind the standard rate, which is one page per hour. I even went so far as to call my wife AJ to ask if she would come pick me up. Thankfully for me and her, she was at a movie and couldn’t be reached. I say thankfully, because I ended up picking up my second wind - or maybe it was more like a fourth or fifth wind. I cruised along at a great speed, catching back up to where I was supposed to be. Then somewhere between 6 and 7 AM, my hand cramped up and it absolutely killed to pick up a pencil or pen. I had to quit at 7:05 AM. AJ came and picked me up and I went home to sleep. Upon waking up, along with my hand feeling 100%, I wanted to, no, needed to finish. I was two and a half pages away with more than three hours remaining to complete this story in a non successional 24 Hour period. At 6:29 PM, October 19th, I finished.

Last year, I put together my first 24 Hour Comic, “The Origin of Man the Ladybug” in 22 and one half hours, exactly, with a cover thrown together at the last minute to account for the last page. This time, it took 23 hours and 29 minutes with a break in between and no crappy cover pages.

For next year, I will do a few things differently.

1) Try to get more sleep.

2) Work smaller - Zander and Kevin over at Big Time Attic stressed this so much, but I never paid much attention. Well, I am not foregoing that sage advice next time around.

3) Eat bananas. AJ told me on the car ride home that I should have had more potassium to keep from cramping up. My question is, why didn’t she tell me that before?

4) Finish 24 pages, without a poor looking cover page, within 24 hours.

At any rate, I think the comic turned out rather well. You can read Somewhere in Montana by clicking on the previous link, or the graphic at the beginning of this post.

Also, check out all of the 24 Hour Comics that have been posted so far, at the Minneapolis 24 Hour Comics Day website.


  1. Ryan Dow


    It took me a while to realize this was a parody of Link.

    It is a parody of Link, right?

  2. bewilderedkid

    Hey Ryan! The Legend of Zelda video game series was definitely one of the inspirations for this story, but I don’t think that it is an all out parody of Link.

  3. mainaise

    I’m upset that you had to drag the Cure into your comic. Boo.

  4. bewilderedkid

    Well, Shadow the Depressed is emo, what’s more emo than The Cure?

  5. mainaise

    And I’m also upset that there isn’t a Tuesday Duggan yet. He even made an appearance on Raw.

  6. bewilderedkid

    The Duggan is coming up! It’s still Tuesday!

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  8. s'ninjahhh

    That’s good stuff, Dan! Quite an accomplishment for only 24 hours!

    Also, since you wrote about it in a recent, menstruation related comic, wouldn’t you know about the coloration between cramps and potassium? hmmm?

  9. s'ninjahhh

    Sweet spell check action there…
    Let me try that again.

    Also, since you wrote about it in a recent, menstruation related comic, wouldn’t you know about the CORRELATION between cramps and potassium? hmmm?

  10. bewilderedkid

    I didn’t know that it led to cramps. I was informed that the lack of potassium in women would lead to an increased menstruation flow. However, now I know and knowing is half the battle!

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