FallCon is right around the Corner!

FallCon is right around the corner and I’m sure people are starting to feel the crunch. If you are a creator it may mean finishing up any last minute projects or searching for materials to make your booth look nice. If you are a fan, which I’m assuming anyone attending is, you may be scrounging change from your sofa in order to pick up some deals or sifting through your comics to figure out which back issues you need to finish your complete run of ROM.

I’ve been attending FallCon off and on for six or seven years for the twenty years that it has been running, mind you a couple years I was stranded in Arizona, so I couldn’t make the trip. Here are some of the sites that I suggest you check out while you are attending this year’s event.

The Cartoonist Conspiracy Lounge
This is a super idea that was implemented at last year’s FallCon, but has been expanded this year. In addition to the couches and drawing table that were present last year, there is also going to be a mini-comic making workshop! I’m hoping that this will draw in some kids that are generally forced to go to these cons with their parents. Ya know, to give them something to do and get them interested in creating comics.

Ryan Dow’s table
I can never say enough good things about Ryan. He is a super great guy and has a wonderful online graphic novel called Weekends With Carl that has been an absolute treat to read over the past year plus. Ryan’s initial intention was to have this story coalllated and bound for sale at FallCon, but as is much appreciated by at least this fan, he has decided to let the story take its form organically and not push to an abrupt ending. Ryan will have the first two installments of Weekends With Carl available for sale at his table as well as some neat little buttons.

Big Time Attic’s table
Kevin and Zander Cannon, no relation, have a studio in the Twin Cities that goes by the clever name Big Time Attic which produces some of the most mind blowing professional level cartoons — which I would hope they’d do, since they are, well, professionals.

Zander is a celebrated writer and artist that has worked on such projects as The Replacement God, Top Ten, and Bonesharps. You can find the beginning of a graphic novel he has been working on named “Heck” here.

Meanwhile, his partner in crime, Kevin Cannon, completed the wonderful graphic novel Far Arden which you can read while it remains available. Far Arden is being published by Top Shelf Comix in the spring of 2009. I hope he still has some copies left over, since it was a limited print run and they will be worth MILLIONS OF DOLLARS someday!

Anywhere you can find the Muscles and Fights or Muscles and Frights books
Amado Rodriguez and Bud Burgy both accomplished artists in their own right, came up with a great concept when they were seated next to each other at a convention after some fan told them that “I like it when there’s muscles…and they fight.” Well, these two took the idea and ran with it.

After three successful releases of , Bud, along with the urging of a slightly inebriated Kevin McCarthy, pursued the idea of a fourth book “Muscles and Frights.” Of course, Amado was along for the ride as well. This time around they enlisted the help of some others to help edit and include some other ideas, including MYSELF! Muscles and Frights will be released at FallCon. Previous installments of the Muscles and Fights trilogy will be available as well.

Graham Crackers Comics
Of course you need to have dealers at these things! Why did I include the Chicago based Graham Crackers? A couple of reasons, while they aren’t the cheapest back issues you will find at the con, they have a great selection of Marvel and DC titles. Additionally, they are genuinely good guys. I recall them allowing a retailer I worked for to encroach on their space due to our booth not being big enough. Oh, and a friend works there too.

Adam Hansen’s table
Adam is a friend from the comic retailer that I was once employed by. He and another friend and collaborator, Ben Z, are releasing a twelve page greyscale mini-comic entitled “The Sad State of Affairs of Rooster Jack”. It even will be packaged with 3-D glasses!!!

Edwood Grimm Hollywood Monsters and Props
This is just flat out cool. There are no other booths like this at the con and the craftsmenship on these monsters and props is top notch! Also, I know the owner, Chris Costello, so I wanted to give him a plug! Also, for those interested, he informed me that he would have some pictures for me that I can post as a sneak preview. Those will come soon!

Mike Sgier’s table
Mike just graduated with his Master’s from MCAD this year with an emphasis in comics and illustration. His current project, The Ballad of Toby and Sara is wonderful. I own the first two issues, which I secretly bought from him at his MFA gallery show (don’t tell anybody it’s a secret). He plans on attending the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco in November and will lilely come back with some great contacts and some work! I envy Mike’s style and even temper.

Harley Yee Rare Comics
I included another retailer here. I’ve bought some stuff from Harley in the past. He has quite a bit of stuff on his website that he generally doesn’t bring to the con.

There are others I need to plug, but just don’t have the time to write up reasons to visit them (believe me there are), since I started this blog almost an hour ago, but here we go: Scott Gallatin, Gene Ha, Sam Hiti, Ryan Kelly, Danno Klonowski, Bob Lipski, Lupi Miguinti, Tim Sievert, Jon Sloan, Steven Stwalley, Mike Toft. If I forgot anyone, I apologize!

My booth!
You really didn’t think I would leave myself out of the fray, would you? My booth will be manned and womanned by myself and my lovely wife AJ. While I am out putting in my hours at the Cartoonist Conspiracy booth, the sales from my table will likely go up due to my wife’s uncanny ability to sell! Here is what we will have on sale:

Super Fantastica Comix Winter 2008 Edition (limited print run of 50): $3.00
Super Fantastica Comix Spring 2008 Edition (limited print run of 50): $4.00
Super Fantastica Comix Summer 2008 Edition (limited print run of 50): $4.00
The Origin of Man The Ladybug mini-comic: $1.00
Super Maxi-Pad Girl #1 (limited first edition print run of 50):$4.00
Super Maxi-Pad Girl Plush Toys: $8.00
The Official Handbook to the bewilderedkidiverse 2008 (limited print run of 25): $3.00

Okay, now I seriously need to get back to finishing up MY projects! See ya there!


  1. Ryan Dow

    Thanks for the plug, but I have one correction. I will only have the first 2 chapters of Weekends With Carl available for sale. But you can read the majority of the third chapter online at http://www.introspectivecomics.com.

  2. bewilderedkid

    Hey Ryan! Consider the post changed!

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  4. Why isnt this posted on the conspiracy site as well? Great snippets!

  5. bewilderedkid

    Stwallskull: Thanks for the ping!

    Bud: I don’t want to put it on the conspiracy site, since I really don’t like plugging my own stuff on said site. Thanks for the complement though! I’ll plug M&F and ask for contributors to SFC, but I just can’t bring myself to promote my own stuff on that site.

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